I’m working on this idea of “branding” myself – making sure that all my professional ducks are in a row, so to speak. It’s part of the overall work an actor has to do out here – make sure your look is current, cast-able, and really tells the people hiring you about your personality and the parts you can play. I have a little bit of multiple personality disorder with this, though, because I’ve lived so many different possible brands – musical theater, glbt theater, New York theater, New York film and tv, clown school, vaudeville performance, LA theater, LA film and tv…  each of these categories could dictate a style, a feeling, and a persona I already possess that I could emphasize to potential producers.

In trying out new brands, I’ve gone through a lot of clothes. I think I’m honing in on my look. (For you new readers, the backstory to this is that since I lost 40 pounds I’ve had to purchase an entirely new wardrobe and learn to dress myself with some sort of style again, since “baggy tee shirt and jeans” doesn’t really suit me these days.)

Here’s the current favorite look:

Subtle Striped Shirt. Subtle Plaid Vest. Solid Black Tie.

The shirt has a blue and grey stripe to it, the vest is dark grey with a subtle plaid, and the tie is just solid black. I hate tucking shirts in, and this one is thin and well cut so it doesn’t billow under the vest.

Dark Grey Oxfords

These oxfords are my new every-day shoes.

I’m working the “sexy professor” look. It’s an extension of what I’ve always called “grandpa chic.” I pair this outfit with dark jeans that actually fit me well and my gray tweed jacket with the elbow patches.

The Coach today said he liked it, and what’s more, I love it.  And I haven’t really loved my clothes since I was 16 and wore a different pair of suspenders every day. So I’m headed in the right direction, I think.