At the survival day job where I spend 20 hours of my life per week (20 hours I can’t ever get back, sigh) there are a group of summer interns who’ve been working on a large project the CEO is involved with. They’re all young women in undergrad or grad programs, and since the office is largely devoid of young people I’ve been super aware of them. I’m also hyper-aware of office attire for women in my age group, because I struggle with finding appropriate work clothes. Right now I’ve been cycling through the same two suits and four shirts that I bought when I was doing extra work when I first moved to LA – you get a lot of work on legal shows if you own a gray professional suit.

I’m certainly not closeted at my job, but I play down my butchness because I know the men at the top of the food chain wouldn’t take kindly to my usual vest/tie combo. For me, it’s a small sacrifice for a flexible, well-paying part-time job (every LA actor’s dream).  Read the rest of this entry »