Everything seems to be in flux right now. Does it seem like the world is accelerating to anyone else?

This week marks the beginning of my permanent part-time employment with the company where I’ve been temping for a year and a half, meaning I get to sport my suits four days a week instead of two. Hopefully they will remain as flexible about my audition scheduling as they have in the past.

It also marks my gf’s 30th birthday, Valentine’s day, and today, the day she was fired from her new job.

So we’re coping, and things are a bit scary. I moved to LA with two years worth of savings, which have been depleted to zero. I try to eschew the idea that only rich relatives of current entertainment stars make it in this town, but I’m starting to wonder.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at, so please bear with me. More pretty butch coming your way soon.