So the aftermath of Thanksgiving is still ringing loudly in my ears.  Does anyone else feel like the world is accelerating at unmanageable speeds?

In light of how terrible things are going right now – my gf and I sought solace in the only place we could. Holiday sales.

Behold the haul, courtesy of outlet malls:

American Rag Coat. New favorite winter thing. That black lining is the inner quilted zipper layer. 

AmRag coat from the back. DOUBLE VENTED, people.

I actually bought this in oatmeal, not the brown. I am a whore for Calvin Klein.

My face doesn’t do regular aviators, but non-droopy, more square ones look quite nice. Kenneth Cole.

Because I needed to update my work bag, and my gf + Kenneth Cole leather = love.

Red cords are festive. And warm. And even though I’m no longer in college, I can still love Gap.

I actually got this in corduroy, and not this brand – an off-brand, not-too-puffy vest. For a layer over the oatmeal sweater. Because I needed a hug.

Because I still love grandpa chic.

Yes, we bought some gifts for OTHER people too. But I haven’t had new clothes in forever, and there’s something wonderful about loving what you put on everyday, even if you’re like me and that could easily be the same pair of jeans and t-shirt over and over again.