… you can’t be it.

So says my wise lady. I want to be it so that others can see it. That’s what all of this is about.

It’s starting: the boulder is beginning to shift, and once it’s rolling I plan on hitching a ride.

Last night, while catching up on back episodes of Grimm online, I was delighted to see a butch woman of color playing a small guest-star part* as the principal of a high school.  Here’s an internet high-five, pal!

If you’ve seen a butch in the media lately, do let me know. We shall celebrate and watch our numbers grow.

**(For those outside the Hollywood lingo: if you have one line in one episode, you’re a co-star. If you have a small but necessary role in one or two episodes, you’re a guest star. If you’re not a lead character but you’re in several episodes, you’re recurring. If you’re in every episode, you’re supporting. And if your face is on the billboards, you’re the series regular. I won’t even go into the money involved as you climb that ladder, but suffice it to say I’m aiming for the billboards.)