hi all – i’ve been awol for good professional reasons and terrible self-love reasons, meaning i’ve been so busy both with filming the web series and with directing the lesbian musical workshop that writing has fallen way way down on my to-do list. i know, i kind of hate when writers write the “sorry I haven’t been writing!” message, but i also always appreciate the explanation. other people’s busy lives make me feel less like a tool when i can’t complete everything my latent type-A drive wants me to.

one thing i’m excited about – when directing the musical yesterday, one of our mics blew out, and i had to run quickly and buy a new one. i’ve always wanted to sing more and record more, but have put off buying any equipment towards that pursuit because i have a tendency to love to buy “tools” instead of “doing the work”.  but I’ve been playing around with garageband lately (difficult for me, because i learned sound editing on better software) and have recorded a few things that i’m going to be sharing here, once i re-record with this better mic.

basically i’m toying with putting together a collection of covers of songs i would LOVE to have had a girl sing to me in my life. because really i just always want to be the best boyfriend EVER.

what do you think? want to hear it?