Went to a special screening last night of Pariah, an INCREDIBLE new film by the very talented lesbian-of-color writer/director Dee Rees.

This film is astonishing, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Although I didn’t grow up black or in Brooklyn, Dee Rees managed to convey most of the aching pain and triumphs of my own coming out story.  Adepero Oduye is the gentle, smart, 17-yr old Alike – struggling with her own identity and jumping full force into what it fully means to like girls. The real winner for me, though, is Pernell Walker’s portrayal of the butch best friend Laura. Walker’s combined bravado and vulnerability had me almost standing up to say “I did that! I did that!”. AND the best moment of the q&a afterwards was when Dee let it slip that Walker’s headshot was like a magazine glamour-shot, all parted lips and big hair.  Hi-larious.

Pariah opens in select theaters December 28th. GO. You won’t be sorry. Check it out here.