Last week in acting class my coach singled me out in front of everyone. We were commenting on our filmed performances from the week before. He asked how I thought I did; I answered, “Well, I didn’t book it.” (Meaning, I didn’t get the job, if it had been a real audition – for those outside the know of actor-speak.)

His response to me, and I’m paraphrasing badly here: “You – you, beyond anyone else in this class, are going to work. Hollywood wants you and they don’t even know it yet. I’m willing to go to bat on that idea. You’ve got the look and the talent. You might not grab a series regular* right out of the gate, but you could. You are going to work and work a lot.”

Let’s hope Hollywood is listening. The Coach knows the business very, very well. Apparently the time is right for the butch girls to step up.  Now my job is to be ready. Oh — and to not fuck it up.

*a lead role on a primetime tv show.