A standard example of what Hollywood is looking for when a part calls for a lesbian:

– (18-27) (Female) *must be comfortable making out or at least messing around with another girl; must be model type.

And for a butch:

Featured / Female / Caucasian / 25 – 30
Tough Receptionist should be butch with short hair. She’s Mindy’s replacement; Tim watches her answer the phone in the clinic break room. Tim flirted too much with Mindy and likes that he doesn’t have the desire to flirt with Tough Receptionist.


Note that the lesbians have to be “model types” and the whole point of the butch is that she’s undesirable to a man.

McSigh.  Really what we need is screenwriters who aren’t afraid of writing REAL GLBT characters.  Because on the whole audiences watch, and learn from, what the writer’s write. Glee, whatever its problems are,  is a direct example of that.

I’ve long wanted to write either a feature (or a musical, because I like singing) with a true butch lead.  But I always get stuck on the storyline… I have images, but no plot.

And in the meantime, the above examples are what I’m up against.  At least the butch one doesn’t specify “heavyset” or “ugly” like many breakdowns I’ve seen. Improvement?