Last week Butch Wonders wrote a great post about The Importance of Visibility.

It reminded me of how I came out in high school, to the only queer girl my first-gf and I could see.

It reminded me how the obviously closeted vice principal of my high school had my back three years later when protestors were throwing rocks at my head when I walked onto campus in the morning. He even called my dad to say how great I was. Because I was visible.

Mostly, it reminded me of why I came to LA. Because, like Sisyphus, I decided to roll the boulder of butch visibility right up the hill of the media.

There should be more women like me on tv and in films. Because not all lesbians have gorgeous cheerleader bodies, or are interested in having stunning matching wedding gowns.

I came here to be visible. Most of my life I’ve been hiding in plain view. Now it’s time to be seen.