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The Location: Little Dom’s, Sunday lunchtime in Loz Feliz.

The Look: It was a lovely couples brunch – two or three mid-30s butches with some stylish, more femme ladies.  Everyone was in their Sunday brunch best – tousled hair, polo shirts, sassy jackets, dark jeans.  Mimosas and pints were had by all.

“Winter” must be nearing its end here in LA, since the lesbians are coming out of hibernation. 🙂

Where have all the butches gone? I haven’t seen any out and about for a while. Probably inside spreading the holiday cheer (ahem) with their gfs, I assume…


The Location: Outside the Disney Concert Hall, downtown LA.

The Look: Sporty tourist butch with her gf. Henley, tee pulled over it and a little leather jacket. Sports shades and some close-cropped bleached blond hair.


The Location: Walking up my street!!! (Silverlake, Los Angeles)
The Look: arty-butch. Trucker cap over loose curls, vintage brown horn-rims, graphic tee and dark jeans. I think there was even a chain wallet. Be still my butchness.

Location: outside CNP, downtown LA
The Look: sporty workout butch. Asymmetrical shock of pink hair, and sporting an Outfest shirt.

The Location: House of Pies, Los Feliz, Friday night.

The Look: Simple black tee and jeans. Clean cut, on the smallish side, but still rugged. A glance that makes your pants melt. Hottie.