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New Year’s was a veritable goldmine of butches – spotting TWO in my neighborhood alone, people. Not bad considering I was only outside for about 20 minutes total.

Location 1: the Silverlake Reservoir walking path

Look 1: damn if this person didn’t have the most super slick faux-hawk. I mean, like military precision black triangle. They also had a great smile, and a cutie gf too. Hugs abounded.

Location 2: the movie theater in Los Feliz.

Look 2: ah so be so dapper. Dapper cap, dapper sweater, dapper skinny trousers. My gf and I traded giggles because we were instantly smitten.

Location: a casting office in Van Nuys.

Look: super cute smaller butch, slicked up black hair and I think some piercings (I’m a sucker for piercings).  Black track suit to match the “sporty” character we were asked to play. Great smile. 🙂

This tribespotting almost doesn’t count since it was during an audition I had this week, but guys!!! There was another butch at this audition!!!

That has never ever happened to me before, in three years of acting in LA and 15 years of acting before that. Sure, there were a whole lot of other women there too who might or might not identify as butch, although none read butch to me. And sure, this butch woman didn’t seem to be an actor professionally – but it was SO GREAT to have some solidarity in the waiting room.

The best part was that the role was for an ice hockey player, and wasn’t even specifically “butch”. We are slowly infiltrating.


Location: Downtown LA, outside the Bonaventure

Look: This older butch was ROCKING IT. Full on plaid shirt and khakis, walking with a friend/gf with an excellent alternative-lifestyle haircut (whatever it’s called when you shave under your long hair… something the femmes are into right now, I think). My favorite part of the butch’s look was the great white streak of hair proudly pasting up her faux-hawk.

The more gray hairs I find, the more I want to coax them into military-precise submission just like she did.

Location: Forage in Silverlake, last Friday night

Look: actually, there were so many queers here on a Friday at 8pm that I don’t know where to begin. My particular favorite was a dapper butch couple – both easily could have passed for cis-male (maybe they were trans or other-gendered, I don’t know), both sported a kind of 50s retro Mad Men style: slicked hair, polo shirts, skinny trousers, brogues. They were the proverbial shit. My gf and I almost choked on our holistically farmed kale salads.

Reminder: lesbians like to eat healthy, local, organic, etc. So far, this restaurant and the farmer’s market are better than any gay bar.

so holy moly i finally found where all the women are here!  yesterday,  in about 20 minutes, i saw more queer/gay ladies/transfolk in one location than i have since i moved here over two years ago. (minus pride – although my pride experience this year was rather lackluster…)

Location:  The Atwater Village Farmer’s Market, Sunday, 12:30pm  (surely a respectable post sex & brunch morning was had by all)

Look: Oh my, where do I start? Couples couples couples…. couples with their cute third friends… butches in funky plaid and great turned-down boots, bois in tiny tee shirts and brogues and seersucker pants… dykey femmes in hand-purposed skirts and chunky jewelry… older ladies in sun hats and big, gardening shirts holding hands with their partners…

I was totally overwhelmed! And then of course there was the food, too – nothing beats a California farmer’s market in the height of summer abundance. I should have known – farmer’s markets are probably second only to feminist bookstores in terms of queer lady sightings, but LA is such a lesbian wasteland I was beginning to think there was no where left to look.  I was going to have to head south to Long Beach, or further to San Diego.

Now I just have to time my stalkings correctly…heh heh heh…



Location: The “Sad” Vons in Echo Park.

Look: Oh man this butch was super cute. Denim overshirt with sleeves rolled up. Dark skinny jeans (she’s more of a man than I, for these). Brown tight-laced workboots, but stylish ones, not John Deere ones. And her haircut… close cropped, almost military.

It helped that she was buying only vodka and pickles.

My gf and I couldn’t stop smiling.