the pb laughs

My name is Max.  It is not my given name, and not a name that everyone calls me.  It’s difficult to have two names and have neither of them truly fit your outside or inside self – I know my other-gendered and trans friends know exactly what I mean, and probably a fair few other gals do too.

I am an actor. (It’s still a struggle to say that out loud sometimes.) I live in Los Angeles.  I used to live in New York.  This doesn’t make me a better actor, but it does give me a lot of perspective.

I’m also queer and Pretty Butch. Meaning, both kind of pretty, and pretty darn masculine.  (It’s still a struggle to say that out loud all of the time.)

I’m trying to meld all of that together. Please keep me accountable.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, here’s the link to the rest of my life.  Transparency rules.