This is so cool –

Saint Harridan┬áis coming, and it’s going to be awesome. Finally someone is taking up the reins (pioneered most effectively, I believe, by the Butch Clothing Co. in the UK) of making men’s-cut suits for female or other-bodied folk.

And they’re starting with us – listening to our feedback, with an online forum this Saturday.

Here’s some of the info:

Saint Harridan has recruited 8 models representative of our community who will participate in the in-person Show & Tell Workshop. The goal of the workshop is to involve the community in the company from the very beginning. Saint Harridan’s founder, Mary Going, said she didn’t want to start the company in sales mode, but rather in listening mode. Meaning, on September 22, we will get to tell our stories. We will ask our models and community questions, like the ones below and more, and Saint Harridan will listen in order to create suits that empower our community.

– When have we ever felt good in our clothes?
– What do we want our clothes to do for us?
– What’s so special about a suit?
– What has shopping for clothes been like for us?

Tune in, be heard, check out some fantastic duds all at the same time.