I’m in between shooting weekends for the web series I was cast in – it’s such a trip to finally (finally!) be in something “real”, and as a lead no less.

I’ve learned not to judge a project when it’s only half-baked, so I can’t say whether or not the series will be good enough to go further than just the three episodes we’re filming now, but I hope so.

My character is a deeply closeted but obviously butch personal trainer, and I’m working on keeping her honest and true while still playing out the goofy hijinks of the script. It’s a little bit in the style of The Office meets Superbad.

I’m also trying to quash my own insecurities – whenever I actually book something, my brain goes into overdrive and tells me that I’m actually a horrible actor and I should be prepared to disappoint myself. So I keep saying that I’m not horrible, film is just new to me, over and over again. And hoping for the best.  Although I did admit to my lady last night that if I end up being horrible, at least then I could give up acting and move on with my life. (Clearly I’m working through some never-ending self-esteem issues.)

The upside is that if I were truly horrible, I wouldn’t get cast in anything. So it’s really just my job to represent. Here goes nothing.