I booked a web series!

Finally – a speaking role. Who knew that one of the drawbacks of becoming a physically trained performer would be never getting to play roles that talk? I mean, seriously, I’ve done more silent film than most living actors. Finally I can move into the talkies.

I’m playing a closeted-but-butch personal trainer, and, as far as I can tell from the first three episodes, this woman is not stupid or slow – something I find most butch characters are written as. Although since this is a comedy all the characters are written to be parodies of themselves, so it’s not like I’ll be playing a groundbreaking character who just happens to be butch. But I can deal with that… it’s a transformation that won’t happen overnight.

The first table read is tonight and we start shooting this weekend. I’m excited that I booked this – I think I was one of the only actors there without representation (an agent), since I left my agent last fall. So it’s doubly awesome. AND even though I’ve lost a ton of weight since I moved to LA, I don’t exactly have a gym-body, so triply awesome that they’re casting someone not rail thin.

I also consider this a big “fuck you” to the man who told me to closet myself at the networking event I went to a few weeks ago. This shit is happening, dude. More details as they unfold.