1. caramel milkshakes.

2. the first time you get to touch the back of your crush’s neck. possibly with your lips.

3. how music can transport you out of time. right now, chris pureka’s driving north is taking me back to the frozen vermont highway where i first heard it, and the girl who was driving the car.

4. a bartender (or a coffee shop barista) who knows you and your drink, and taps it for you when you walk in the door. dear Logger Bar: I miss you.

5. the feeling of accomplishment that inflates you when your gf gets seconds of the meal you’ve cooked.

6. watching dogs play with abandon, and the reminder to let go.

7. heavy rainstorms in LA. yes, they do happen.

8. redwood forests. if you haven’t been, put that on your bucket list. trust me.

9. the way a perfectly tailored shirt makes me feel like i have ripped muscles, even in places where i don’t.

10. seeing a live performance. watching the creation of art in person can never be replaced, whether it’s theater or music or watching those guys who do spray paint space pictures on the ground for tourists.