Hi all –

I was talking with a friend today who mentioned that she was having a hard time finding the right small-ish gift for her butch gf, and so I threw out some ideas. I thought I would share here a few last minute sure-to-win items. (Most of these are under $30, with a few splurge items for those with the means.)

1. The Skinny Tie: versatile. Casual or formal, goes well with most button-downs. I suggest black, red, or other solid colors paired with a patterned shirt. Catch it while it’s still in style. Or, while you’re still in a Brat Pack film, whichever ends first. 🙂

the skinny black (or other colored) tie

2. The Mighty Wallet: recycled! Thin! Forward-thinking! Doesn’t make your back pocket bulge bigger than a leather daddy’s christmas stocking! Many designs to choose from!

the mighty wallet illuminates my favorite city

3. Cassette tape iPhone case: I heart retro love.

In black or white. Doesn't need winding with a pencil.

4. Leatherman Wingman: for the sporty, hunting, handy, crafty, or blade-fighting butch. Having a good knife to hand is more useful than you think, and it makes you feel totally badass.

The Wingman. Because you always need one there.

5. Jaxon Blues Crushable fedora: for the dapper butch in all of us. Forget the trendy trilby’s from the mall kiosk. Get her or hir a hat that will last.

Jaxon Blues crushable wool fedora

6. A Fossil Watch: Back in my days at the Prestigious Women’s College, nothing said “butch” like having a hefty Fossil watch on your arm. I admit I’m still partial to them ten years later, particularly the ones that walk the casual/formal line. This is definitely a splurge item, though.

Black Cuff Fossil Watch.

7. And on the other end of the money spectrum, the Retro Nintendo Game Controller. Let her relive her Super Mario Bros. past the right way. Because her fingers remember how to do it. 🙂

Because there are still goombas to jump on.

8. For the drinking butch, I suggest these Portland Beer glasses. Inexpensive yet elegant. Group them with this.

Portland Beer glasses for the perfect pour.

9. A Well-Dressed Gentleman’s Pocket Guide: This book changed how I dress, introduced me to tailors and chivalry and all sorts of things dancing at the queer bar in a white tank-top couldn’t explain.

Cary Grant was the most manly gentleman.

10. Evolution of the Muff: This strays a little from the butch path, but it’s ridiculous/fabulous. What butch doesn’t like the muff, in some form or other? My friends just put this up in their bathroom, and I wonder – is it a reminder? A guide?  A scintillating teaser? Worthy of feminist outrage? A guilty pleasure? All of the above?

No words.