So I made a huge leap this past month, and I fired my agent.  Today would have been the one-year anniversary of me signing with him. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a nice man and a successful agent, but he and I didn’t see eye to eye at all about my type or where I want my career to go.  I greatly appreciate that he took a chance on me, but I can’t keep going into auditions and having the casting directors expect me to be much, much heavier-set and taller and, well, butch-er than I am. Because I’m not fake, gruff, over-the-top, super-blue-collar butch. I’m actually butch, and that’s a little harder for people to categorize.

As my last post said, though, the Coach has the greatest faith in me, and I trust him – not just because he’s an on-set acting coach for all the major networks, but because I believe he would tell me if I didn’t have a chance. Which is something I’m not sure my former-agent would have done.

So – I’m representing myself for the time being. Here’s to working hard for my one and only client: myself.