So she’s finally here!

She’s here! Really here! And with me and we live together and cook together again and and and all kinds of things and it’s super exciting!

After an epic two year self-induced separation, the PGF (pretty gf) is finally finished with grad school and we can resume our normally programmed domestic lesbian bliss.

And although I was really really nervous for basically this entire year… And although we’ve both changed a lot in the intervening time… And although living together again in a tiny room with other roommates in the house is new territory and very different from my visits to her school and her shared house…

Although all those things… it’s great. Seriously.

I’m awed each day by how much we’ve changed as individuals. How much we’ve each matured in some ways and let go in others. How we could possibly love each other THISMUCH after all this time.

Last week we celebrated our 7 year anniversary. (Seven!) As the (hot, queer, tattooed, gin-slinging) bartender at the (delicious, hip, relatively inexpensive) restaurant pointed out, we’re basically a puppy now.

I think we’re a pointer puppy.  All floppy feet and big eyes. The best kind to cuddle with.