1. Read about “How to get an Agent” on blogs, Backstage, in books, and elsewhere.

2. Purchase “The Right Agent,” even though it looks like a scam.

3. Read thoroughly and make a short list of prospective agencies that might take on a weird Pretty Butch with few credits.

4. Plan on mailing each agency a headshot, and then sending postcards with news for the next few months to establish a relationship.  This is what the blogs and articles all say. Choose to believe them so that you have somewhere to start. Know that your stuff will probably be thrown out.  Decide not to care and continue.

5. Research short list on IMDB.  Scan rosters for other weird butch women.  Cross off those with anyone who could be competition. (1 agency out of 40+.)

6. Based on IMDBpro  starmeter rankings, cross off agencies from short list that have too many actors way, way above my level. (This considerably shortens the list.)

7. Assemble mailing to top ten agencies. Format cover letter with nice introduction and nice additional headshots on letterhead. Print and staple resumes to the headshot you’re still using but don’t really like.  Stuff envelopes, papercut tongue while closing.  Curse.

8. Walk mailing to post office with sweating palms.

9. Mail at 1pm on Monday.

10. Receive three phone calls for meetings between 1-3pm on Tuesday.  Set meetings for that week.

11. Sign with agent (from my top five list) on Thursday.

12. Get first phone call from agent on Friday: first audition with representation – next Tuesday.